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You’re probably losing bookings, do these problems sound like you?

You can’t accept online credit card payments…

You can’t accept online credit card payments while competitors are getting all the online bookings. Today’s avid customer expects to book tours securely online just like they do for flights, hotels and car rentals. Why aren’t you doing something about that?

Have you got an old manual outdated booking form?

Does the reservation form on your website look anything like this? Old, non-user friendly and quite frankly, very basic… If you’re going to work hard to give your customers great memories, start by offering customers a professional booking experience on your website.

Get smarter with Junglebee

We’ll accept customer credit card payments for you.

With Junglebee, you don’t need to have a US bank account or any merchant account to start accepting credit card payments. With our technology, you get instant credit card processing (This includes Caribbean islands and countries from Central America).

Add Junglebee to your website

We’ll install the Junglebee reservation system on your website to provide a professional booking experience for your customers.

Money goes straight to your bank account

Funds for the bookings you receive go straight to your bank account anywhere.

What does Junglebee look like?

Switching to Junglebee is easy

You could be losing thousands of dollars to competitors because you don’t accept online credit card payments

It’s easy to join Junglebee, we’ll setup your tours and import your bookings for you.

There’s no excuse especially if Junglebee is free.

Customer success

I wish we had known about Junglebee earlier. In less than 10 minutes, we were signed up and able to finally accept credit card payments on our website and over the phone. In our first month using Junglebee, our online bookings grew by 22% and still growing steadily! Petro, Owner at Eagle Tours

See how Eagle Tours is using Junglebee

For months we tried to get a booking system to work with our bank in the Caribbean but nothing worked… Then we found Junglebee and they provided us with a booking system and credit card processing. Our customers can now book tours on our website, we’ve tripled the amount of online bookings we used to receive! Balazs, Owner at Billy Bones Charters

See how Billy Bones Charters is using Junglebee

Most of our customers find and book our tours via our own website and so it was important that we offer a really good booking experience to our visitors to convert them to customers. With Junglebee, we’ve been able to convert about 35% more visitors into customers simply because it is so easy to book tours now! Paul, Owner at Captain Alan Charters

See how Captain Alan Charters is using Junglebee

Before Junglebee, we had to rely on getting bookings from large agencies and had to pay big commissions… Since we’ve setup Junglebee on our website, customers book our tours directly and we’ve increased our profits by at least 25%. Sheryl & Craig, Owners at Coconut Reef Tours

See how Coconut Reef is using Junglebee

Since we’re a Caribbean company, it has always been way to complicated to find a solution to start accepting bookings with credit card payments on our website… Then we saw other local tour companies using Junglebee and we tried it immediately. It is amazing, we now offer a real booking experience on our website to tourists!  Whitney, Owner at Sea Trek St. Maarten

See how Sea Trek is using Junglebee

We were just starting out and didn’t have time to try and figure out a way to accept online bookings and credit card payments with the banks for our website. We signed up to Junglebee and got it all done in a matter of minutes!   Aukje, Manager at Reef-it SXM

See how Reef-it SXM is using Junglebee

Start accepting credit card payments & bookings on your website

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