We connect tour suppliers to local activity desks

Get your tours in front of local activity desks. More bookings, less work!


Add your tours to Junglebee, all local activity desks, agents and even hotels will be able to see your tours and book their guests.


Enjoy more positive customer reviews, having agents and tour suppliers connected creates a better booking experience for customers!


Make it easier for agents and your team to receive bookings. With Junglebee, bookings are sent and confirmed in just a few seconds.

How does Junglebee work?

It’s super easy for agents to book tours, watch how it happens!

Agents & activity desks can install Junglebee on their websites to sell tours!

Whether you’re an agent, hotel, villa, car rental agency or even an activity desk, you can install the Junglebee agent reservation system on your website in just a few minutes to start selling tours from all local tour suppliers to earn commission!

The Junglebee booking system comes with credit card processing, a shopping cart and provides all the information necessary for your website visitors to book tours instantly.

Here’s a demo video of the agent website reservation form

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